The Pachamama Beach Day

April 27, 2013     9:00 AM | Saturday

Join us for Pachamama Beach Day: Honoring the Ocean, Cleaning the Beach, and Cleansing Ourselves.

We invite you to join us at Baker Beach in San Francisco, on Saturday, April 27th from 9am to noon for a series of fun activities with fellow Pachamama people. To begin we will hold a ceremony to welcome the Spring season, honor the ocean and offer thanks for all they provides us. Afterward, we will be doing a number of actions, including cleaning the beach as well as cleansing ourselves (by jumping into the ocean, for those interested!).

If you would like to be join us at the beach for this celebration, please register using the form at the bottom of this page.

Pachamama Beach Day is part of The Pachamama Alliance Spring Fundraiser, a staff led campaign to raise awareness and money for Pachamama. The combination of the sacred and committed action is a key characteristic of The Pachamama Alliance's work, and the Pachamama Beach Day is an expression of that.

How you can participate:

Come to Baker Beach to help us clean up this national seashore, honoring yourself and the ocean in the process. All are welcome.

Whether or not you can come, please make a contribution to The Pachamama Alliance in honor of this activity - let us know you too care about the beach, the ocean, and the work of The Pachamama Alliance in bringing forth a thriving, just, and sustainable world for all. Any amount that you give from $10 to $10,000 is welcome!

Share this outreach with your community - invite your friends to participate by cleaning the beach with us, and by making a donation in partnership with those that will be cleaning the beach.

Through your contributions, we will presence you in our ceremonies. When you make a contribution, you can include a message to us:

  • If you contribute $25, we will say your name aloud during our ceremony to Welcome the Spring and Honor the Ocean
  • If you contribute $50, we will say your name and personal message aloud during the ceremony
  • If you contribute $100, we will do the above, and include your name in the Beach Day sand art piece. We'll take a picture of it and send it to you to acknowledge your presence on the day
  • If you contribute $500, we will do the above, and we will video record a reading of your message aloud while in the ocean and send you the video (Please remember, northern Pacific Ocean in April is C-O-L-D!! So give generously)
  • If you contribute $1,000, we will do the above, and include your name as a sponsor on our 2013 Luncheon Fundraiser Program.

When you make your contribution, there will be a place for you to type in your message.

There will be fun activites for kids to be involved in at Beach Day. We'll conclude the day with some light refreshments and conversation.

How you can be involved:

  • Location: Baker Beach Please click here for a map
  • How to join us in commitment: make a donation here
  • How to join us at the beach: Please register below
  • Date: Saturday, April 27th
  • Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm
  • Other information: Please dress in warm layers and wear a jacket that can block the wind. It can be chilly by the water! We will provide all of the supplies for the beach clean up portion of the day. Light refreshments will be served.
  • Contact: If you have any questions please email Dan Carney at


We hope that you'll participate with us!

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Penny Hynam  
All of us at Be The Change Barbados wish you welll on your beach clean-up day! We are doing one on April 22nd (Earth Day) at Miami,no, no!..., the one on the south coast of Barbados!

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